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My Chemical Romance

"The Black Parade Is Dead!"


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Release: 2008
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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead! CD + DVD

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1.The End [Live]
2.Dead! [Live]
3.This Is How I Disappear [Live]
4.The Sharpest Lives [Live]
5.Welcome To The Black Parade [Live]
6.I Don't Love You [Live]
7.House Of Wolves [Live]
8.Interlude [Live]
9.Cancer [Live]
10.Mama [Live]
11.Sleep [Live]
12.Teenagers [Live]
13.The Black Parade Is Dead [Live]
14.Disenchanted [Live]
15.Famous Last Words [Live]
16.Blood [Live]
17.Welcome To The Black Parade [Live]
18.Thank You For The Venom [Live]
19.Dead! [Live]
20.The Sharpest Lives [Live]
21.This Is How I Disappear [Live]
22.Teenagers [Live]
23.I'm Not Okay (I Promise) [Live]
24.You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison [Live]
25.Famous Last Words [Live]
26.Give 'em Hell, Kid [Live]
27.House Of Wolves [Live]
28.It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Deathwish [Live]
29.I Don't Love You [Live]
30.Keine Titelfinformation [Live]
31.Mama [Live]
32.Helena [Live]
33.Cancer [Live]
34.The End [Live]
35.Dead [Live]
36.This Is How I Disappear [Live]
37.The Sharpest Lives [Live]
38.Welcome To The Black Parade [Live]
39.I Don't Love You [Live]
40.House Of Wolves [Live]
41.Interlude [Live]
42.Cancer [Live]
43.Mama [Live]
44.Sleep [Live]
45.Teenagers [Live]
46.The Black Parade Is Dead [Live]
47.Disenchanted [Live]
48.Famous Last Words [Live]
49.Blood [Live]