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Release: 2019
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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat CD

The legendary industrial dance pioneers from Chicago's Wax-Trax are back. TKK continues to challenge today's alternative music scenes, pushing it's boundaries with their unique style and rebellious attitude. Each album is different from the last, a trip in a new direction as the band likes to "stir it up", always creating a potent sex-and-drugs laden cocktail of what can best be described as an industrial-disco-punk-glam-sleaze-rock extravaganza. Having been credited with influencing a wide spectrum of today's contemporary artists everywhere from Marilyn Manson to the Scissor Sisters, they succeeded in creating the quintessential modern dance sound, frenetic and wild. Accompanied by the Bomb Gang Girlz, the Kult's very own chorus of sultry seductresses and go-go dancers, they create a world inspired by tabloid headlines, B-movie ethos, and sexually ambiguous decadence. "Death Threat" marks a return to the heavy and dark sound of Kult's earlier years, calling to mind the classic albums "Confessions of a Knife" and "13 Above the Night", along with their modernized dance sensibilities. A release absolutely not to be missed and one of this years most anticipated albums.
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2.Invasion (Of The Ultra Modelz)
3.Death Threat
4.Spot Lite Hooker
5.Lone Road
6.Who R U Now?
7.Foxxy Rockit
8.The Ultimate Nude
9.Bottoms Up
10.Psychick Yoga