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"Hypnotic Tango"


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Release: December 2018
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My Mine - Hypnotic Tango LP

The next 12? in Dark Entries Editions is one of the all time Italo Disco club classics: My Mine - ‘Hypnotic Tango’. My Mine were the trio of Stefano Micheli (vocals, keyboards), Carlo Malatesta (vocals, keyboards), and Danilo Rosati (drums, keyboards) formed from the ashes of Italian New Wave group Ipnotico Tango in 1982. They shifted focus from the experimental post punk sounds towards something more commercial with which to try and enter the market, namely to make a record. At that time Carlo was studying in Bologna and he had heard about producer and arranger Mauro Malavasi famous at that time for the many hits produced for Macho, Peter Jacques Band, Change, Luther Vandross, Ritchie Family. The group handed Malavasi a demo tape and four days later they were invited to Fonoprint Studios to record their first single, “Hypnotic Tango”.

Utilizing new electronic instruments like ...
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Label:Dark Entries
1.Hypnotic Tango (Original 12” Version)
2.Hypnotic Tango (Instrumental Version)
3.Hypnotic Tango (1987 Powerhouse Mix)
4.Hypnotic Tango (Hypnotic Mix)