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N E O (Near Earth Orbit)

"Trans Neptunian Objects"


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Release: 2015
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N E O (Near Earth Orbit) - Trans Neptunian Objects CD

With their soundtrack and in their unique inconceivable way, the two architects of sound Artaud Seth and Ashley Dayour manage to unreel an imaginary movie in the listener’s mind. This film does not require a movie theatre. It requires your intellect. NEAR EARTH ORBIT delivers a complex blockbuster masterpiece with a perfect mixture of post-apocalypse, paranoia and fiction. 2034, Cult!
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Jupiter Ignition
2.Kepler 186F
3.Earth Reserach
4.Ignition Started
5.Trans Neptuian Objects
6.Planet X
7.Pitch Black
8.Jupiter Moon