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"Beweg dich! (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021-05-28
Status: New release in 22 days
Nachtmahr - Beweg dich! (Limited Edition) CD

Grace period is over. Tough measures are in order, this is not the right time to pull any punches whatsoever. When our Supreme Commander Thomas Rainer saw in dismay how apathy and drabness were spreading with uncontrolled growth in the realms of harsh electronic club music he decided to aggravate the necessary measures to put a prompt stop to it. As a result, his latest decree “Beweg dich!” is far from an invitation or a recommendation. It is the law, a hard-hitting new parole, enforced with blistering sound and inexorable severity throughout the empire, thereby re-establishing discipline and order in a genre that felt too self-assured lately. This is a global conflagration. Have you got what it takes to escape the flames?

The world is in dire ...
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1.Beweg Dich!
3.Gier (Feat. Chris L./agonoize)
4.Die Straße (Club Edit)
5.Beweg Dich! (Infected Sound System Remix)
6.Beweg Dich! (Ruined Conflict Remix)
7.Beweg Dich! (Spark! Remix)
8.Beweg Dich! (Misera Ultima Remix)
9.Droge/musik (Freaky Mind Remix)
10.Droge/musik (Vinidimøde Remix)
11.Droge/musik (Stahlklang Remix)
12.Droge/musik (Wintermute Remix)