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"Flamme (Limited Edition)"


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Release: January 2020
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Nachtmahr - Flamme (Limited Edition) CD

Our world lies in ruins. There is scarcely anything left of our ideals, our hopes and dreams. The dancefloors have been evacuated, and our utopia is now a nightmare.

Still, in a time of turmoil and of struggles, such an era of fear always is a time for new heroes. A time for rays of light to pierce even the darkest clouds. The latest NACHTMAHR release, “Flamme” (“flame”), is just such a lightbringer; the realisation of a vision long held by Imperial Industrial commander, Thomas Rainer.

NACHTMAHR, as is rather unnecessary ...
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3.Liebst Du Mich
4.Krieg Und Frieden
5.Alpha Omega
6.Wo Ist Dein Gott
7.The Torch
8.Ich Bin
9.Rise And Fall
10.Mein Name
11.Die Letzten Dämme