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"Widerstand (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2018
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Nachtmahr - Widerstand (Limited Edition) CD

Stand up. Even though you hit rock bottom. Fight. Even though you have an army against you. Resistance is the dissidents’ ultima ratio, the weapon of antagonists, of idealists. To this day, the fallen heroes of the French revolution are being honored in song, to this day the tale of the brave Spartan warriors braving Persia's’ force is unforgotten.

For many years, a similar ...
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2.Firmament (Russian Vocal Version Feat.omnimar)
3.Firmament (Remix By Es23)
4.Firmament (Remix By Shaârghot)
5.Ungezähmtes Land
6.Ungezähmtes Land (Russian Vocal Version Feat. Eisenwut)
7.Ungezähmtes Land (Remix By Affentanz)
8.Ungezähmtes Land (Remix By Greg Oroth)
9.Ungezähmtes Land (Cover By Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio)
10.Mütterchen Russland (Apocalyptic)