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Nacht'raum / Bande Berne Crematoire

"Expanded 1982-1984"



Release: July 2017
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Nacht'raum / Bande Berne Crematoire - Expanded 1982-1984 LP

Mannequin Records presents a LP compilation of Michael Antener (Swamp Terrorist) early 80's minimal synth/industrial projects Nacht'raum (with Michael Stämpfli) and, as solo, Bande Berne Crematoire.

Heavily influenced by the works of SPK and Nocturnal Emissions, Michael Antener made his first recordings in the basement of his parents house in a small village nearby Bern, Utzensdorf. He started BBC in 1980, a hybrid of Neue Deutsch Welle and noise/experimental, making a household name in the international home recording scene of the time and participating to many tape compilations.

Teaming up with Michael Stämpfli ...
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Label:Mannequin Records
1.Viva Espana
2.Tiere Schreit
3.Kranzo Roses
4.Rosa Bernet
5.Sahel Passe
6.Ich Muss
7.Maria Tanz - Maria Flieg
12.Nächstes Jahr