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Nadia Sohaei

"Talking To Myself"


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Release: 2008
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Nadia Sohaei - Talking To Myself CD

"No rush for success, while I find my way"...Coming from the Splendor of the Classic Era of Synthesizer Music (Trans-X) her first solo project "Talking to myself" is an electronic expression with a cyber heart beat. Motion with Emotion, Romantically Free. Deep Synth Pop in a Minimal Electro Wave.... All together with the deep personal voice of Nadia Sohaei, make her music unique.
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2.New Rome
3.Callas Never Dies
4.Victoria Starship
5.Talking To Myself
6.19th Century
7.Cyber Heart
9.West Coast Love
10.In Your Eyes
11.Callas Never Dies (Dark Session)