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"Pon Farr"


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Release: 2014
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Nahtaivel - Pon Farr CD

NAHTAIVEL are quite an unusual act for the ‘Wave’ label. In fact they are no new wave or old Wave but Brazil’s leading Electro-Horror-Industrial artist, mixing Dark-Electro, EBM and Industrial with a touch of trance and electro elements, resulting in a very brutal peculiar sound.

Pon Farr is the epitome ...
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Label:Wave Records
Label's catalogue number:W043
2.Amok Time
3.Little Pleasures Of Night
4.The Invention Of Lying
5.Be Productive
6.The Wild Flower / The Fly
7.Ex Nihilo [Feat. Euphorbia]
8.The Short Story Of Asami, The Gravure Idol
9.Christie´s Dream
10.The Invention Of Lying (Old School Mix Feat. Apostle Niwt - Pecadores)
11.The Invention Of Lying (Club Mix Feat. Apostle Niwt - Pecadores)
12.Murder In My Eyes (Collaboration With Diverje For The Song Hate)