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Release: 2014
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NamNamBulu - Sorry MCD

Sometimes for a label there is this special moment. A moment when a band of the first label decade returns with a great new song after almost 8 years of complete silence!

"NamNamBulu" are back! With several live appearances on some of the biggest scene festivals within 2013 Henrik Iversen & Vasi Vallis did proof that they're back stronger then ever! After successors such as Memories, Alone, Faces, Zeit, Now or Never or Surviving they return with "Sorry" a strong limited single release to conquer their fans by storm! "Sorry" is a signal the start for a new era in the future of "NamNamBulu". Be fast to get your hands on this limited CD release which for sure will soon become another rare collectors item
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3233
1.Sorry - Back To The Roots Mix
2.Sorry - Dj Club Mix By Syrian
3.Sorry - People Theatre Sorrow Mix
5.Sorry - Rob Dust Remix
6.Sorry - New Vision Mix By Ien Oblique