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Napalm Death

"Utilitarian (Limited Edition)"

2LP + Single/7"

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Release: 2016
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Napalm Death - Utilitarian (Limited Edition) 2LP + Single/7

Limited Edition to 300 copies as black vinyl Double 10" + 7". The 2012 album Utilitarian from the legendary UK Grinders now reissued on double 10" plus bonus 7" via Power It Up, comes in a heavy cardboard gatefold sleeve with slightly different artwork. The EP comes also in regular Cover. Tracklisting Bonus 7": Aim Without An Aim Everything In Mono Standardization Youth Offender
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2.Errors In The Signals
3.Everyday Pox
4.Protection Racket
5.The Wolf I Feed
7.Fall On Their Swords
8.Collision Course
9.Orders Of Magnitude
10.Think Tank Trials
11.Blank Look About Face
12.Leper Colony
13.Nom De Guerre
14.Analysis Paralysis
15.Opposites Repellent
16.A Gag Reflex