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Nash The Slash

"Bedside Companion"


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Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 2-4 days
Nash The Slash - Bedside Companion LP

Artoffact Records reissues the complete Bedside Companion as an eight track LP.

Solid Black Vinyl edition re-release of the first ever NASH THE SLASH release!

Genre: prog / electronic / punk / weird
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1.A1 Fever Dream
2.A2 Masquerade
3.A3 Blind Windows
4.A4 The Million-Year Picnic
5.B1 Fever Dream (Marsden)
6.B2 Masquerade (Marsden)
7.B3 Blind Windows (Marsden)
8.B4 The Million-Year Picnic (Marsden)