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Nash The Slash

"Childen of the Night"


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Release: 2016
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Nash The Slash - Childen of the Night 2LP

Regular BLACK Vinyl in gatefold sleeve, with huge vinyl-sized booklet, tons of unreleased photos
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1.A1 Wolf
2.A2 Dead Man's Curve
3.A3 Children Of The Night
4.A4 Deep Forest
5.A5 In A Glass Eye
6.B1 19Th Nervous Breakdown
7.B2 Swing Shift (Soixante-Neuf)
8.B3 Metropolis
9.B4 Dopes On The Water
10.B5 Danger Zone
11.C1 Wolf (Live)
12.C2 Danger Zone (Live)
13.C3 Reactor No. 2
14.D1 Swing Shift (Original 45 Rpm Version)
15.D2 Swing Shift (Fleix Version)
16.D3 Children Of The Night (Live)