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"Mistelteinn (Limited White Vinyl)"


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Release: 2016
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Nebelung - Mistelteinn (Limited White Vinyl) LP

White vinyl, limited to 300 copies. When ten years ago Nebelung released its debut Mistelteinn on the now defunct Dresden label Eislicht - known for its genre defining releases in neofolk -, it received wide attention despite all its technical imperfections. Through the haze of a band taking its first steps into acoustic music and singing, the album seemed to manifest a nature mysticism as pure and heartfelt as it is seldom experienced. Sold out since half a decade, and never rereleased, the album now finally gets a new treatment. Completely rerecorded, and partially rearranged, the songs on Mistelteinn are presented here in a new light. The delicacy of the picked guitars, the mournful melancholy of the cello, and the matured and warm sonority of the voice reveal the craftsmanship Nebelung has acquired over the decade of its existence. Where the official release revealed merely a glimpse of its beautiful and pristine wilderness, this rerelease finally pulls the listener deep into its world, singing nature's hymn, clear and unimpeded.
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3.Abel Und Kain
4.Regen In Der Džmmerung