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"RH (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2008
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Nebula-H - RH (Limited Edition) 2CD

Belgian electro commando Nebula-H finally returns with the 3rd and final chapter of their "H"-trilogy. Half way between the debut album's EBM darkness and the second album's heavy danceable feel, this album reveals a harsher tone and a straighter attitude. Although Nebula-H has been expanded to a trio with the addition of Noa (Propulsion) as the main songwriter while Mika Goedrijk (This Morn Omina, Po(W)der-Pussy, etc.) has mostly focused his expertise on the production aspect of the album this time. And as usual frontman Deranged Psyche (ex-Fuze Box Machine vocalist) entertains you with mysterious and surrealistic lyrics inspired by painters, movie directors and other forms of art. This is the logical next step in the bands continuous exploration of modern electronic music, constantly incorporating new influences into their eclectic cocktail of dark elektro, techno body music and electro-clash. While keeping their dancefloor assaults high and loud, Nebula-H still manage to surprise you with songs like the pearl e-pop tune "Prince Of Darkness" or yet "Hitch" that is at the crossroads between Massive Attacks trip-hop and Front 242s basslines.The limited edition also features exclusive tracks and special collaborations with other Belgian bands like Trimetrick, Psy'Aviah and Ex.Es. This limited bonus album reveals the hidden (musical) side of Nebula-H, read by this: some more rage!
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