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Negura Bunget

"ZI (Limited Edition)"

2CD + DVD + Book

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Release: 2016
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Negura Bunget - ZI (Limited Edition) 2CD + DVD + Book

2CD+DVD Artbook, hardcover, 28x28 cm, 72 pages with additional artwork, texts and English translations of the lyrics plus bonus CD with four songs and bonus DVD with 2 video clips and a film (1.000 copies)

Negura Bunget's new album, "ZI" ...
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2.Gradina Stelelor
3.Brazda Da Foc
4.Baciu Mosneag
5.Stanciu Gruiul
6.Marea Cea Mare
7.Tul-Ni-Ca-Rînd (Re-Mixed Version By Daniel Dorobantu)
8.Brazda Da Foc (Re-Mixed Version By Silent Strike)
9.Schimniceste (Re-Mixed Version By Tibor Kati)
10.Baciu Mosneag (Re-Mixed Version By Adrian “Oq” Neagoe & Tragacanth)
11.Zi (Movie)
12.Stanciu Gruiul (Video)
13.Tul-Ni-Ca-Rînd (Video