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Neon Electronics

"Apollo (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2019
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Neon Electronics - Apollo (Limited Edition) CD

File under: Electro, EBM, Neon Judgement

Limited to 300 copies, comes in a 4 panel digipak

For Dirk Da Davo, writing pretty songs was never a main concern. On the contrary, when it did happen, it was often deemed an ironic twist of fate. The medium is very much the message for the man who for years, together with TB Frank, helmed The Neon Judgement, one of the most influential bands of the electronic post punk scene. At the time of its inception in 1999, Da Davo's Neon Electronics may have been considered a side project, but today, it gets full focus and attention.

Its new album, “Apollo”, was ...
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1.El Barranco
2.Follow Your Dreams
3.Invisible Man (Extended)
4.Energy X
7.Off Da Hook
8.Schyzophrenic Freddy
9.Tv Treated (Live)
10.Dusty Roads