InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Nero Bellum

"The Voice of your Blood cries to Me from the Soil"


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Release: 2020
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Nero Bellum - The Voice of your Blood cries to Me from the Soil CD

Nero Bellum (of Industrial-Metal act PSYCLON NINE) presents the sophomore 2nd release of his eponymyous solo project. A far step from his primary music project stylistically, the album plays like a soundtrack to oblivion. Tension and build and recede throughout this set of ominous, heavily atmospheric, percussive, dark, experimental electronica!
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2.Crimson Milk
4.A Disheartening Expression Of Chemistry
5.Seven And Two
6.From Stone To Chapel
7.Echo Location
8.What Is In My Blood?
9.Beyond Recognition