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Neutral Lies

"A Deceptive Calm"


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Release: 2010
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Neutral Lies - A Deceptive Calm CD

Hailing from Lille close to Belgium and its electronical influence, Neutral Lies deliver a blend pop melodies à la Camouflage and minimal electronics à la Absolute Body Control. But the band is far from imitating the past, and does not limit to good old references but also injects some techno influences in their sound - especially and unexpectedly in their more mid-tempo tracks.

The quality of both songwriters and vocalists of the duo, make their debut album "A Deceptive Calm" a unique piece to discover, and make you dive slowly into it with each listening. Not an attempt to make dancefloor hit killers, but a whole and consistent album of 11 well-written melancholic electronic songs. Another great discovery for this small but high quality label!
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1.(in Your) Neutral Eyes
3.S.X. Girls
5.Between Glasses And Reward
6.Laugh At First Sight
7.Rose In The Coffin
8.Waking Up On A Battle Field
9.Le Fou D'echec
11.Slough Of Despond