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Release: 2013
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Neutral Lies - Cryptex CD

Cryptex is Neutral Lies’ second album on BOREDOMproduct and follows the very well received and highly praised debut ‘A Deceptive Calm’ from July 2010.

The duet from Lille presents here a real synthesis of its influences and also builds a unique sound. Led by floor-filler first (digital only) sngle “Decipher Me”, and filled with peculiar and surprising lyrics (“Glitterball”, “Stink Bombs”, “Whose Racket is it?”), the 11 tracks on CRYPTEX offer a great and varied combination of pure electropop, EBM and techno and take the band to new sonic heights.

After their debut album it was said that "Neutral Lies will be one electro-pop band to pay attention to in the future." Cryptex unquestionably proves this prediction to be right...
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1.Decipher Me
2.Glitter Ball
3.Aching Sign
4.Bewitching After-Shave
5.Mobile Transplant
6.Neon Fascination
7.Ransack Your Dignity
9.Lésions Dangereuses
10.Whose Racket Is It?
11.Stink Bombs