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"Luisenkirche, Königsberg"


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Release: 2015
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Neutral - Luisenkirche, Königsberg CD

Long announced and post-poned for much too long: The re-release of this seminal album, originally released in 2006 on Eis & Licht. Limited to 400! This release by one of the best Dark Folk groups and pioneers of Neofolk in Russia, is quite unique. In fact: Neural were never into recording albums too often: In 20 years of existance, Neutral recorded 2 studio albums only: ‘Of Shadow and its Dream" (2004 - Cynfeirdd) and ‘Serpents in the Dawn’ (2008 - Eis Und Licht) – in addition to these, there were two conceptual albums: ‘Walpurgis Night at Luisen Kirche Königsberg Live’ (2000 – Brudenia) and this album, that was a limited CDr-only release by German cult Folk label Eis & Licht, which was that limited, that Eis & Licht sold out the entire run in one (1) hour upon announcement! Due to the fact that the original masters were lost, Infinte Fog and Neutral spent almost 2 years to re-construct the original sound – luckily it worked and for the first time ever, this important sound document is avaialble on regular factory pressed CD. Re-mastering by Peter Andersson (Raison d’Etre).
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.The Starfall Of Nevermore 4:44
2.Last Tale Of Love 4:14
3.Noone To Follow 5:01
4.Bury 4:06
5.Serpents Of The Dawn 4:51
6.The Gift Of The Sea 5:04
7.The Woods Of Autumn Blaze 5:37
8.Ride On 3:39