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New Haunts

"Worlds left behind (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: March 2021
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New Haunts - Worlds left behind (Limited Black Vinyl) LP

Limited edition of 200 copies on BLACK Vinyl

New Haunts is a vocal/electronic solo project by Alice Sheridan, based in Bristol, UK which contrasts the jarring with the serene. Combining elements of post-punk, early industrial, goth and synthpop with soft ambient synths, arresting yet melodic vocals, discordance and mech- nical beats. The result is a hypnotic rush of darkwave summoned against a hard-hitting and eclectic rhythmic backdrop.
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Label:Young & Cold
1.A1 Ingrained
2.A2 Reactions
3.A3 Left Me Cold
4.A4 Hymns
5.B1 New Haunts
6.B2 Waves
7.B3 Same Medicine
8.B4 Safe Out Here
9.B5 Ice