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New Model Army



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Release: 2016
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New Model Army - Winter CD

This is their first full studio album since their acclaimed long-player “Between Dog and Wolf” in 2013, which, according to The Times "marks a creative renaissance for the band from Bradford". This album saw New Model Army receive the best critical response of their career and top 30 chart positions in UK and German - their highest since “The Love of Hopeless Causes“ 20 years previously. “Between Dog And Wolf” was shortly followed in 2014 by Matt Reid’s fascinating and absorbing documentary feature film “Between Dog And Wolf: The New Model Army Story” which had a successful run at worldwide film festivals. Its excellent reviews on home entertainment release (described in their 4-star review by Mojo as an “uplifting rags-to-more-rags tale of the cult-like post punks”) in turn created further world-wide interest in this unique and passionate group who have always remained true to themselves and successful on their own terms whilst remaining outside the mainstream.
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2.Burn The Castle
4.Part The Waters
5.Eyes Get Used To The Darkness
7.Born Feral
8.Die Trying
11.Echo November
12.Weak And Strong
13.After Something