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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

"Henry's Dream (Collector's Edition)"


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Release: 2010
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream (Collector's Edition) CD + DVD

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1.Papa Won't You Leave Henry
2.I Had A Dream, Joe
3.Straight To You
4.Brother, My Cup Is Empty
5.Christina The Astonishing
6.When I First Came To Town
7.John Finn's Wife
8.Loom Of The Land
9.Jack The Ripper
10.Papa Won't You Leave Henry
11.I Had A Dream, Joe
12.Straight To You
13.Brother, My Cup Is Empty
14.Christina The Astonishing
15.When I First Came To Town
16.John Finn's Wife
17.Loom Of The Land
18.Jack The Ripper
19.Blue Bird
20.Jack The Ripper (Acoustic Version)
21.I Had A Dream, Joe [Live]
22.The Good Son [Live]
23.The Mercy Seat [Live]
24.The Carny [Live]
25.The Ship Song [Live]
26.Do You Love Me Like I Love You (Part 7 Henry's Dre
27.I Had A Dream, Joe
28.Straight To You
29.Jack The Ripper (Acoustic Version)