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Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra

"Breaker Of Ships"


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Release: 2015
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Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra - Breaker Of Ships LP

Currently based in Berlin, Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra have been releasing unpredictable records since 2002. Their songs are an expressive, soulful blend of torpid acoustic arrangements and offbeat electronics, underlined by brooding and often cynical lyrics. Their work has included collaborations with artists such as Charlemagne Palestine, Martyn Bates, Kris Force, or Richard Moult, and their previous album, You're Mine Again, a concept-album about the most unpleasant aspects of love, was released in 2014. Breaker Of Ships, out on June 27th, is a collection of 8 unbiased songs about apathy, stagnation and the burden of lucidity. Featuring a remix by Scanner.
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1.Breaker Of Ships
2.Of Ghosts & Women
3.The Archivist
5.Juliet Of The Spirits
6.Juliet Of The Bones
7.Ghost Rain
8.Nick Grey & 48 Cameras - Here He Comes Now (Remix By Scanner)