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Night Train to Nowhere

"Chronicles of the Dark Vol.1"


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Release: November 2020
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Night Train to Nowhere - Chronicles of the Dark Vol.1 CD

Night Train to Nowhere is the project of Xzvrey, who is also known for his work with the French post punk / death rock act The Last Oath. With Night Train To Nowhere the atmosphere is more dense, darker and somewhere between post punk and cold wave, a kind af darker grey without the famous 50 shades... The title of the album predicts a not very joyful ride into music, but shows a soul in despair in these weird times. This album will stick to the skin and the soul if you have the courage to give it time and a few hearings. An ideal soundtrack during lockdown. Painting the walls of your living room black with fine post punk and cold wave tunes inspired by an 80s heritage." - Kurt Darkdweller, Dark Entries Belgium
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1.Hangsoul's Tree
3.Bare Artist
4.Inspiration From Nowhere
5.Pictures At A Damnation
6.Inside Ink There Is No Feeling
7.Six White Walls
8.Fire In The Pandora's Box
9.Way To Doom
10.Dance Of Horns