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Nightmare Of Cain



Release: 2013
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Nightmare Of Cain - Parasitic MCD

Almost a year after the debut album "Tanz in den Untergang" it is time for some additional gear. Harder, darker and bigger than everything before comes the single "Parasitic" with 4 brandnew songs that will bombard every dancefloor. To get the best quality, it was mixed and mastered by Jan L. of Noisuf-X and the artwork was created by Patrick Wittstock of Azrael Design.

Additional it is coined by the ultimate pounding machine Nachtmahr and the experimental industrial band Dyskhord from Alaska who made 2 bombastic remixes to polish this great mix of industrial, EBM and dark electro.
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1.The Coldness Of Love
2.Pure Aggression
5.Soldaten Einer Neuen Zeit (Nachtmahr Remix)
6.Exterminate Your Fears (Dyskhord Remix)