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"The King Is Dead"


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Release: 2014
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Nimon - The King Is Dead CD

keef baker founded his side project nimon to cope the high amount of intense feelings caused by the loss of his mother, resulting in the album 'drowning in good intentions', a compelling work of deep emotional ambiance.

nimon's second release 'the king is dead' also became a very personal one, a musical dedication to keef's fatherwho passed away in 2013. this album illustrates this outstanding artist's self-expression getting along with thistragic strike of fate. more than three hours of music were spontaneously made as a basis for the twelve final trackswhich were mastered by the legendary electronic / ambient musician robert rich.

nimon's musical concept is based ...
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1.1. When A Home Is No Longer Anyone's Home,
2.2. Never Enough Time,
3.3. Suppression,
4.4. The Weight Of
6.5. A Box Of Old Photographs,
7.6. Integrity,
8.7. These Old Bones,
9.8. Free At Last,
10.9 Something I'll Never Forget
11.10. A Pond In Wales
12.11. Internalising An Explosion,
13.12. The End Of Days...