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Nine Seconds

"That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart"


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Release: May 2020
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Nine Seconds - That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart CD

When I got back home Ricky’s hand (1) was on the couch, cut off. His finger still on the remote control; MTV was showing Hit that perfect beat boy (2). Ricky had always been a good friend, but had also predicted that Love will tear us apart3. And so it had; we both fell in love with Dr Mabuse (4)’s daughter, Sabrina. She owned a butcher’s called Slice me nice (5), was 19 (6) years of age and enjoyed talking dirty. She would even cuff me and whisper Lie to me (7). And then I did eventually. It was so unreal, as if I was Living on video (8). That same evening I saw Ricky in the butcher’s, but he was behind the counter, chopped into pieces. He was being sold as pork joints. That was too weird for me, so I told her: No shuffle (9). We separated on good terms; at least so I thought. But then I saw the hand on the couch at home, I knew I only had another Nine Seconds to live.But it didn’t end there. When I arrived at heaven’s door, Peter said to me: Lie to me (10). I saw fire and women clad in black. I asked him what was going on and he said it was Black Saturday (11). I quickly realised that Dr Mabuse (12) had taken over heaven’s management to shoot music videos. He offered me a minor role in Living on video (13), but after only Nine Seconds I was gobbled up by a flying spaghetti monster and was definitely dead.
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1.Ricky's Hand 4:08
2.Hit That Perfect Beat 3:47
3.Love Will Tear Us Apart 3:49
4.Dr. Mabuse 4:39
5.Slice Me Nice 3:42
6.19 5:01
7.Lie To Me 4:40
8.Living On Video 3:50
9.No Shuffle 3:56
10.Lie To Me ( Remix) 4:36
11.Black Saturday 3:31
12.Dr. Mabuse (Clubmix) 3:49
13.Living On Video (Membran 66 Remix) 6:28