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Nitzer Ebb

"Showtime (Ltd Collectors Edition)"


Veröffentlichung: 05.02.2021
Status: Neuerscheinung in 19 Tagen
Nitzer Ebb - Showtime (Ltd Collectors Edition) 2LP

Limited edition deluxe gatefold UV foiled sleeve containing 6 bonus tracks, including a lot of the major hard to find club mixes all together on one LP package for the first time. Also included in this release are the George Clinton remix, and one of the Dust Brothers remixes that were vinyl promo exclusives.
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1.A1Getting Closer
2.A2Nobody Knows
3.A3One Man's Burden
4.A4All Over
5.A5My Heart
6.B1Lightning Man
8.B3Hold On
9.B4Fun To Be Had
10.B5Lightning Man (The Industry Vs The Ebb Remix)
11.C1Fun To Be Had (George Clinton Long Mix)
12.C2Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix)
13.C3Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix)
14.C4Lightning Man (Rsw Mix)
15.C5Getting Closer (The Trance Mix)