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No Trust In Dawn

"Lost And Apart"


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Release: April 2021
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No Trust In Dawn - Lost And Apart CD

After the debut album "As We Fall" from 2017, Soykut Gür and Rio Black are back impressively, songs full of love (The Greatest Love), sadness (Lost & Apart) and melancholy (Break Me) dominate the album, danceable (Where Are You Now) and dreamy sounds (Purity) support the magical vocals.An album full of variety, it starts with a great instrumental piece (Can You Fell The Silence), thirteen heart-rending songs and almost an hour of pure listening pleasure, it gets dark (This Beautiful Cage) and also happy (Sweet Dream), tragic (Death Rays), fantastic (Secret Room), thoughtful (Under The Sun), full of hope (Hope), addictive (Morphine), and is guaranteed to be indescribably beautiful.
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1.1.can You Feel The Silence
2.2.where Are You Now
3.3.the Greatest Love
4.4.this Beautiful Cage
5.5.lost And Apart
7.7.secret Room
8.8.death Rays
9.9.under The Sun
12.12.break Me
13.13.sweet Dream