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Noblesse Oblige (SWE)

"En ewig Vantan"


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Release: 2014
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Noblesse Oblige (SWE) - En ewig Vantan LP

NOTE: This is NOT the German band of the same name, but the Swedish MINMAL SYNTH act!

Genre: Synthpop. This limited vinyl release on Dodsdans Records is pressed in only 250 copies worldwide. Each copy comes with 5 different inserts: Color postcard with individual copy number, 3 authentic band-photos from the 80ies, and a colour flyer, including the complete band-biography.

Highly recommended to lovers of minimal (Swedish) synth.

Noblesse Oblige was a Swedish synth pop group that existed between 1982 to 1986. Noblesse filled youth centers and broke box office records at venues around the Växjö and Alvesta muni-cipalities in southern Sweden. Noblesse had loyal fans who followed them wherever they played, and songs like "Morgan Kane," "En sista gång", "Den sista färden", "Drömmar drar förbi" got the crowd dancing. 3 guys behind opposite synthesizers, a singer who was moving across the stage, their provocative outfits / hairstyles and dyed hair epitomized Växjö's musical life.
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Label:dodsdans rekords
1.A1 Morgan Kane
2.A2 Drömmar Drar Förbi
3.A3 Väntan
4.A4 Den Sista Färden
5.A5 Av Ondo
6.A6 En Sista Gång
7.B1 Keso I Knät
8.B2 Dans
9.B3 Ingenting Alls
10.B4 En Långsam Flykt
11.B5 En Dag Till Har Gått
12.B6 I Dimman Då Sommaren Dör
13.B7 Innerst Inn