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Noctule Sorix



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Release: 2013
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Noctule Sorix - 4.0 CD

Since 1995 Noctule Sorix offers with strength and conviction resolutely underground music that navigates between Cold Wave, Rock and Electro, without really worrying about the propriety of style. Through four albums, several EPs and numerous collaborations, the band still impose with the album "Noctule Sorix 4.0" a very elaborate music, combining electronic beats, melodic guitar and a melancholic singing, which give the band a special atmosphere recognizable at first hearing.
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Label:Manic Depression
1.Cawa Sorix In
3.Breaking Bounds
4.Song 4.0
5.Even If
7.Sick Again?
9.Are You Dead?
10.Monkey Buisness
11.Romeo's Distress
12.No Fears...
14.Butterfly 2.12