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"The Shortwaves"


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Release: 2016
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Növö - The Shortwaves CD

Veteran electronic music artist Laurent Boudic strikes back with his 5th album transmission under the NÖVÖ moniker! “The Shortwaves” reveals an interesting return to the band’s darker roots, with a conceptual theme definitely offering space to sonic experiment: the skywave propagation.

NÖVÖ’s characteristic vintage analogue synths and reflecting minimal melodies are invaded by viral distorted radio noises and contagious echoing samples which are manipulated and morphed into percolating bouncing beats or other repetitive melodic lines.

Dealing in essence with disorganized communication and organized global (dis)information, “The Shortwaves” plunges us into a dense and heavy cold war setting, an almost claustrophobic paranoiac cinematic atmosphere lead by military spy broadcasts, encrypted signals and hidden noise messages. The sharp cold industrial sequences meet treated samples and manipulated vocals before fusing with ionized lush catchy Kraftwerkian electronics and radio noises to form a quite oppressive and unique lo-fi cosmic soundscape as only NÖVÖ can create them!

Undulating electronic “Shortwaves” to propagate without moderation.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Gongs & Chimes
2.The Shortwaves
3.Whisky Tango Romeo
5.Radio Moscow (Part I & Ii)
6.Groupe 8/2
7.Radio Peking
8.Radio Japan
9.Backward Station
10.The News