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Noise Control

"My Fight"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Noise Control - My Fight MCD

In between Electro/EBM, Frankfurt-Techno and belgium based New Beat the first Noise Control single 'My Fight' was released in early 1989. Composed by no one else then Stephen Westphal (also known as composer for acts such as Beat-a-Max or C.C.C.P.) and produced by Ralf Henrich (Moskwa TV, Robotiko Rejekto, Axodry) the 12" vinyl only release was issued under the famous 'Zoth Ommog' flag.

Followed by 'Operation S.B.' on 'New Zone' recordings, 'Tehniska Musika' (Neo Ego) and 'Metabloism' (Metmatic) produced by Alfred Gregl, Matthias Wille and Torben Schmidt (Xylon, Aqualite, Omnicron, Lights of Euphoria, Cyclotron etc) the project managed to established itself over a timeframe of almost 10 years! No wonder the original single releases still get high attention whenever sold for extremly big amounts at various online auctions.

This 18th (!) part of the classic series is again limited to 1000 units and comes in digital remastered format with three rare bonustracks and 77+ minutes running time. Once more a cult classic! Be fast!
InfraRot sales rank:318
InfraRot item number:2008.547
Label's catalogue number:FACT 3173
1.My Fight (Noise Mix)
2.My Fight (Control Mix)
3.Operation S.B. (Clock Mix 1)
4.Opertion S.B. (Clock Mix 2)
5.Tehniska Musika
6.Knights On Quest
7.Crust And Peace
10.Resurrection II
11.Future Vision
13.My Fight (Edited By Mebo)
14.Tehniska Musika (Seismic Remix)
15.Future Vision (Razormaid Remix)