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Noise Unit

"Strategy of Violence (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Noise Unit - Strategy of Violence (Limited Edition) 2LP

For the first time ever, Strategy of Violence is reissued as a wonderful double-LP vinyl. The record is remastered, artwork is restored, and the entire set is housed in an incredible gatefold sleeve. What's more, Bill Leeb dug deep into the archives and found two ridiculously amazing unreleased bonus tracks, which appear only on this Artoffact Records edition. If that was not enough, Side D of the record includes a beautiful etching designed specifically for this re-release. A must have!
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1.A1 Corroded Decay
2.A2 Hollow Ground
3.A3 Hate You Feel
4.B1 Assault
5.B2 Carnage
6.B3 Kick To Kill
7.B4 Alle Gegen Alles
8.C1 The Passage
9.C2 No Soul, No Fear
10.C3 Retract (Unreleased Bonus Track)
11.C4 All Fallen (Unreleased Bonus Track)
12.D: Epic Etching!