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"#kicksome(b)ass (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Noisuf-X - #kicksome(b)ass (Limited Edition) 2CD

Like no other Jan Loamfield, aka NOISUF-X, kicks untiringly the bass drums (and the asses) of the nation(s) and dominates both the national and international club scene with his catchy sound attacks! Already in the late eighties Jan started his career. Thenceforth he continually breaks new ground and raised to one of the top acts of the genre. Only of recent, 3000 enthusiastic fans during a terrificlive show in Mexico-City prooved, that NOISUF-X is on TOP of the international electronic scene.

On their brand-new album #kicksomeass, NOISUF-X presents 13 Electro- / Industrial stompers in a class of its own. #kicksomeass will be released as strictly limited first edition in a three-panel digipak, that contains a special free Bonus-CD with 7 previously unreleased tracks and mixes.
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Label:Pro Noize
1.Big Bang V2.0 (3:49)
2.Count To 7 (3:53)
3.Killer Dub (3:33)
4.I Kick Your Fu*king Teeth In (3:29)
5.Son Of A Bit*h (4:24)
6.Go Fu*k Yourself (3:46)
7.Psd [Problem-Solution-Destroy] (3:49)
8.Let´s Rock (3:37)
9.Kick My A*s (4:13)
10.In Your Face (3:35)
11.Spieltanz (3:51)
12.Fu*k It! (3:10)
13.This Means War (3:19)
14.Play It Loud [Final} (3:39)
15.Silence (3:53)
16.Krachzischbumm (3:52)
17.Be A Doer (3:37)
18.Not Human (3:54)
19.Let´s Rock [Video Edit] (2:41)
20.Blow This Pain Out Of Me (3:45)