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Release: 2012
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Nordvargr - Murkhr LP + CD

First pre-announced in early September this extraordinary release will reach us on Tuesday! Nordvargr makes a triumphant return to the dark ambient scene after a few years of silence in this musical field. Having focused more on the harsher and electro-industrial music styles for a while, he felt that he had a couple of new ideas to try out and he sure delivers! "Murkhr" is a multiformat release that spans over entire vinyl LP- and CD-length and is probably among the most dark journeys into sound that has been made in his studio at Villa Bohult. Imagine the deepest passages from his debut "Awaken" being mixed with solemn orchestrations and shamanistic chants. Simple BEST Nordvargr bloody deep and dark sounds for a multiformat release that has to be awarded THE mandatory dark ambient release of 2012!
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Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OELP010
3.Larvae Rex Caelestis
5.Ayahuasca Aldebaran Axis
6.Wearing The Karnak Horns
7.Interdimensional Drift
8.The Alchemical Vessel
9.Truth And Revelation