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"The Dromopda Transmissions (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Nordvargr - The Dromopda Transmissions (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

The Dromopoda Transmissions must be considered one of the most complex and strange recordings in Sweden´s most prolific experimental artist Henrik Nordvargr Björkk´s career.

The recordings are made up of field recordings (amplified sounds from insects and nature), radio transmissions and improvised electronic soundscapes that all come together to create a suffocating wall of sounds you have never heard before. Cold and desolate sonic landscapes that lets your imagination paint pictures of a bleak future.

To expand the impressions from the music this release also comes with a DVD full of imagery to guide you deeper into this journey. The DVD contains some wonderful 3D elaborations made by "Ro So Matix" a new artist just entering the OEC family with a superb video-work (You will hear and see more about this lady in the near future)
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Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OECD185
1.Prostomia Domination
2.Hybrid States
3.In Soil Dispersed
5.Трансмиссия 2
6.Source Of Claws
7.Cyphophthalmi Hostility
9.Трансмиссия 5
10.Hidden In Code Forgotten
11.Insect Transmission End
12.The Dromopoda Transmissions (3D Elaborations By Ro So Matix)