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"Barren Land (Expanded)"


Veröffentlichung: 2013
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
Northaunt - Barren Land (Expanded) 2CD

Northaunt was started in 1996 by Haerleif Langas & Ketil Soraker to create atmospheric, melancholic ambient mixing environmental recordings and minimalistic melodic elements (usually piano or guitar), treated nature sounds, samples and bits of melodies.

"Barren Land" was their highly praised second full-length release, following "The Ominous Silence" of 2001. Recorded 2002-2003 during a one year stay in Spitzbergen, an island in the arctic region, far north of Norway. A desolate place that together with field recordings from various places (Norway / Spitzbergen / Groenland) has inspired the most arctic album by Northaunt.

Barren Land is a masterpiece ...
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Label:Infinite Fog
1.Dying Day / Dawn And Ashes
2.A Silent Battle
3.Kapp Farvel
5.Laid Bare Beneath The Stars
6.Just Another Cold Spring
7.Lost Days
9.The Fire
10.Shadows Over The Barren Land
11.Autumn Cold, Rain From The Stars
12.Winter Ii
13.Hopeless Dreams