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Nova Et Vetera

"Dead Waltz"


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Nova Et Vetera - Dead Waltz LP

This quiet unusual project, Nova Et Vetera was born in 1998 under the impulsion of Mr & Mrs Lamort and their friend Essem. More like an open minded artistic tribe than a band, melting differents disciplines (musicians, sound and light ingeneers, but also costume designer, painter...) and a broad range influences from the 70's Psyche to the doomest goth that makes their music very special and addictive. First of all, the band Nova Et Vetera is a human and artistic experience which is opened to other disciplines. The first idea was to offer the show that we would have liked to see in live performance. The music offered by the band consists in gothic tribal rock. During the show, the musicians follow a pagan ritual, they cover themselves with ashes in order to make their own personalities disappear in favor of those of their animated movie counterparts projected behind them. This is a psychological immersion between unconsciousness and subconsciousness.
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Label:Manic Depression
1.A Beautiful Journey
2.Le Charme Supreme
3.I Dont Exist
5.What Are You Dreaming Of
7.La Valse Morte
8.La Folie
9.A Ticket For Oblivion
10.Après La Mort