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Nova Et Vetera

"Dead Waltz"


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Release: 2016
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Nova Et Vetera - Dead Waltz LP

First of all, the band Nova Et Vetera (N.E.V.) is a human and artistic experience which isopened to other disciplines: “The first idea was to produce/offer the kind of show that WEwould have liked to see in live performance!”The music offered by the band consists in a unique kind of gothic tribal rock. During liveshows, the musicians follow a pagan ritual, they cover themselves with ashes in order tomake their own personalities disappear in favor of those of their animated movie counter-parts projected behind them. This is a psychological immersion between unconsciousnessand subconsciousness…
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Label:Manic Depression
1.A1 A Beautiful Journey
2.A2 Le Charme Supreme
3.A3 I Don’T Exist
4.A4 Nothing
5.A5 What Are You Dreaming Of
6.A6 Incarnation
7.B1 La Valse Morte
8.B2 La Folie
9.B3 A Ticket For Oblivion
10.B4 Après La Mort