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"Black Sheep On White Fields"


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Release: 2014
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Nova-Spes - Black Sheep On White Fields CD

This time the band remains quiet on the subject of the album. It seems that the problems or the problem they address in it are too private to speak about. In contrast to LEBEN IST KRIEG, they don´t illustrate a major problem of the world but instead travel into a domestic circle where the word “family” isn´t always positive.

Often the band pleads for understanding in its songs and the already mentioned “mothers and brothers” are frequently addressed. “The word “family” isn´t always a positive one for me. Instead, it seems that this is the first gamble in life and you are completely at it's mercy. If you are lucky you are born into a family you can deal with. If not, neither you or your family will be able to make it work”, Matthias Hübner, 2014 Inside the booklet the band quotes the german pedagogue Katia Saalfrank – well known from a German television show.
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Label:Danse Macabre
1.To Mothers And Brothers
2.Perfect World
3.Dead Wrong
5.And Forever...
7.Follow My Words
9.Shut The Fuck Up!
11.I Am Down
13.It Is A Lie
14.Goodbye, Sleep Well