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"I Hate God"


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Release: 2009
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Novakill - I Hate God CD

After a long hiatus, Novakill return in 2009 with their best album yet. "I Hate God" builds upon the solid foundation laid by 2005's "Kill Everyone" and their 2003 debut, "Hard Tech for a Hard World", showcasing a more mature sound that has lost none of the edge of earlier releases. With new production methods and updated equipment, Novakill deliver a cutting edge sound backed by strong song-writing. From the opening bassline of "Mistakenforgod", the sound is instantly Novakill.

The album is so consistent it's hard to pick stand-outs but Demonizer and weWORK are sure to be club favourites, whilstsongs like Crusade, Incise and eXterminate show a new-found accessibility and greater depth to Novakill's repetoire, which leaves Ultrakill, bloodElektrik and the Ultravox cover "Sleep Walk" to continue the band's tradition for stomping Cyberpunk.

As usual, Novakill offer a wealth of bonus material on the CD, including the winners of their "Demonizer" remix competition, wallpaper images for your computer and phone and a VST instrument plugin, Ultrakiller, their most sophisticated synth to date.
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1.Mistaken For God
3.We Work
10.Blood Elektrik
11.Tera Death
12.Demonizer (Force-fed Mix)
13.Demonzier (Deliberate Fury Mix)
14.Demonzier (Broken Bones Mix)