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Null Device

"Suspending Belief"


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Release: 2013
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Null Device - Suspending Belief CD

Null Device is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Eric Oehler and lyricist Eric Goedken, with Jill Sheridan on vocals, Elizabeth Scheef on percussion, and a host of others joining the fray. A cross-country collaboration that has produced three full-length albums and several independent releases, Null Device has been experimenting with various styles of music since the current lineup’s inception in 1997. With influences ranging from breakbeat to bhangra, dubstep to middleeastern folk music, from glitch-house to 80s pop, Null Device is a unique voice on the independent electronica landscape.
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Label:Nilaihah Records
Label's catalogue number:NR044
1.Fearful Symmetry
2.Notes From The Fallen
3.Blades Of Grass (Feat. Raya Wolfsun)
4.Teapots Orbiting
5.Many Forms (Feat. Raya Wolfsun)
7.Breathe You In
8.The Rim's Edge
9.Blow My Mind