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Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
NZ - Aggressions CD

"AGGRESSIONS" is NZ's second release, which continues the success of their debut EP "RAW AND PURE" regarding quality and production, with the band showing some new tendencies in music and style.

"AGGRESSIONS" is following its literal meaning, it equals a punch in your face. Provocation is imminent. Seething with anger, the tracks prove to be critical and private.

"No Time To Stay" - no chance to remain still with "AGGRESSIONS": a constant need to move, uncompromising sound, aggressive vocals, and smashing drums ‡ la NZ keep pushing you forward and hitting you with a proper dose of body music.

NZ are all but demure. Irate and belligerent they come with "AGGRESSIONS" to attack the dance floor another time.
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3.Nothing But Yourself
5.No Time To Stay