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"One Of Us"


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Release: 2019
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NZ - One Of Us CD

„Pure and raw“ that’s what it’s all about when it comes to „NZ“. Austria based two man band „NZ“ present rough EBM beats in tradition of oldschool heroes such as Nitzer Ebb, Orange Sector or Pouppee Fabrikk. They are rough and straight to the point. Their sound comes right into your face combining shouted vocals and hard hitting body beats. „NZ“ never deny their preferences and heroes, well why should they. If you are into hard hitting EBM beats „NZ“ will be what you are looking for! 15 massive songs on one CD, switch on and move!
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1.Russian War (Album Version)
2.Trigger Me (Remastered Version)
3.Twilight Of The Idols (Remastered Version)
4.Raw And Pure
6.Chase'n'pain (Album Version)
7.Golden Age (Album Version)
9.Terror For Money (Album Version)
10.So Cold Inside (Remastered Version)
11.Against You!
12.W.d.y.t.t.y.a. (Remastered Version)
13.One Of Us (Album Version)
14.Totalism (Album Version)
15.Without You (Feat. Sara Noxx)