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O Paradis

"Tierra Embrujada [limited]"


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Release: 2018
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O Paradis - Tierra Embrujada [limited] CD

After some years O PARADIS comes back with a new release on OEC, a co-production with theSingapore-based label 4iB.Demian's music is flowing, as always, through its romantic & sexy scent of Mediterranan Hot Pop,full of longing, love and nostalgia... Another unique album by our "Catalunya" singer.The album is becoming even more unique, thanks to the guest appearance of a long ‘lost’musician: JÜRGEN WEBER of legendary (and suddenly disappeared) NOVÝ SVĚT. After a longsilence Jürgen composed one track on this album and is offering lead vocals on 2 more songs!
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Label:Old Europa Café
2.El Pozo
3.El Impostor
5.Només El Cos Pot Ser Empresonat
7.Si Te Pierdes
8.El Deseo
10.La Tormenta
11.Nfimo 1
12.Una Polla Xica
13.És La Ment També Una Cel-La?