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Oda Relicta

"Leper Mass"


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Release: 2009
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An Oda Relicta project hailing from the Ukrainian city Zhytomyr was organized by Olegh Kolyada, a musician known by his electronic experiments since 1998, mainly due to his projects First Human Ferro, Ostarbeiter, and In Meditarivm. Oda Relicta was created in 2005 with the intention to represent the legacy of the local military orchestra - Zhytomyr Military Brass Orchestra, where Olegh Kolyada's uncle was involved into while serving in the army. Hence the military component of the project is the marches, and improvisations upon classical works performed throughout 1990s - 2005 by the local orchestra mentioned. In the year 2006 Oda Relicta came into an agreement with the Belgian indie-label Neuropa Records for the debut's "The Crown & the Plough" production, being issued a year later. In 2006 Olegh Kolyada got in touch with the Ukrainian contemporary classical composer Mykhayil A. Shukh, whose priceless legacy became the neo-classical/liturgical component of the project. In early 2008 Neuropa Records released the second Oda Relicta's album "Czarstvo dukha"("The Kingdom of Spirit"), which highlit the deep religious creed and background of the project, Christianity. This third regular album is a true masterpiece, very intense, atmospheric and deep, a work and sound unique and very personal. Oda Relicta´s third album will show you the true beauty of the liturgical chants in their moreprimitive expression.
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